Help & Contact

miARmaSeq has been tested on different operative systems, with different datasets from GEO and SRA  but, nevertheless some unexpected errors could appear. Or, on the contrary, if you have a proposal regarding a missing feature that will improve miARmaseq features, please use our issue system to report these kind of notifications.

Bugs and software petitions

  • For Bugs, please click in this link and use kind=Bug in the form system. It's higly recommended that you attatch your log and stat file from miARma. These are two autogenerated files to find errors that are created inside your output_folder.
  • For proposals, please click in this link and use kind=proposal in the form system. We encorage you to give as much details as possible.
  • For other types of questions, you can send us an email clicking on this link.

Source code

All stable code in miARma is freely distributed at

All development code in miARma is freely distributed at

Perl package documentation is also available to facilitate possible code modification at Pdoc webpage.

Docker web page

Docker repository is available at . It includes the following images:


Linux Flavour Version
Fedora 23
Ubuntu 14.04
Centos 7.2
Debian jessie/sid