This page provides a short tutorial-style introduction for the practical use of miARma-Seq. All the analyses are run in four simple steps from initial raw data to final results. A full description of every possible feature in this pipeline is given in the documentation page. Here, we include explanations of command-line options for each type of analyses to give an idea of basic usage with real data. We also provide explanation of the output file formats.

  • You should go trough the installation step first, so the pipeline has been already installed in your computer and and it is important that you are familiar with the pipeline usage.
  • The next step, which is fully covered in this page will use sequencing data from different published projects and you will find explanations regarding the whole analysis procedure.
  • Please note that each configuration file used here is included in you miARma installation under the folder Examples. We provide basic_examples with all features included, but also advanced examples for experienced users and programmers.

  • Please select the kind of analysis you want to perform from the below options: