miARma-Seq workflow


RNAseq at the massive level has reshaped the transcriptomics field. In one way, it enables to acquire large scale data at high resolution. However, the analyses of these data still posses a challenge for the research community. To circumvent this problem, many tools have been developed to facilitate the study of expression profiles of miRNAs and their targeted genes. While few of them enable performing both kind of analysis, they present certain limitations in terms of large requirements for its use or data upload restrictions.
To avoid these restraints, we have developed miARma-Seq, miRNA-Seq And RNA-Seq Multiprocess Analysis tool, a comprehensive pipeline analysis suite designed for mRNA, miRNA and circRNA identification and differential expression analysis, applicable to any sequenced organism.


miARma-Seq is presented as a stand-alone tool that provides different well-established softwares at ease of installation process. Our suite can analyse a large number of samples due to its multithread design. Here we show that the analyses of miRNA, mRNA and circRNAs against validated datasets can be easily accessible to research community.



In addition, it offers to the user alternative tools for some of the main steps of the analysis and allows the results comparison between them. Our pipeline process standard sequencing files (fastq format) performing several and parallelized analysis resulting in a results file (in tsv format) with the Differential Expression Analysis features for each experimental condition evaluated and an additional pdf report file with the results plots. During the whole analysis miARma-Seq performs several quality control analysis creating quality reports for an easy evaluation of the data.